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A New Chapter : Fuzzyclouds Studio


Thanks for checking out my site. I recently revamped and re-branded it and now it’s newer, greater, and more awesome than ever. : )

For the last few years, I ran a little art business called Emstar’s Wonderland and it has been great to me. But I grew and changed and needed something new and changed, reflective of my new and greater business goals.

That’s when Fuzzyclouds Studio was born.

The goal with Fuzzyclouds Studio will be a public studio, someday, where people can come see what I make/write in person; but for now, I give you electronic glimpses of my studio life – one word or brush stroke at a time.

Why did I combine the two? They are all me.

I am a creator and a maker. What I love is putting what motivates and inspires me on a page and making it something. That is both art and words equally, for me, which is why I had to add them both to this business.

If you like art, you check out the art.

If you want to read about positivity and healing but also about troubles with anxiety and mental illness and the things I do to overcome obstacles every single day, you can read about that. It’s all about getting stronger.

And if you like both – hot dang, you came to the right place!

Thanks for your support. Reach out anytime and please, keep an eye on new posts. They will be coming regularly : ) Like my facebook page and you’ll get updates when there’s fresh new words or art out there 🙂

Much love,


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