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Adding Another Brick

It’s hard to imagine our dream life sometimes, or how it will all play out. We spend time in a state of “wishing it will happen”, while we should focus on being in a state of “making it happen”.

How do we do that? One brick at a time.

A house can only be built one brick at a time; yet, when it comes to our dreams, we all get the urge to into into the “all or nothing” mode. We need to know exactly how it will happen or we don’t believe it, keeping us in a mind frame of worry and a feeling of failure. Here’s the trick though – nothing can happen faster than building a house one brick at a time. When you build this house, meaning your dream or creative empire, you can only go as fast as one brick at a time. You place one brick, and then move onto the next brick, always trusting that the one you placed before will hold as intended. Creating your dreams works the same way: you take one step towards your dream, then another, and another. And slowly but surely, you watch your new empire be built with passion, creativity and determination.

Trust is what holds your bricks together. As you know, the universe helps you co-create all that you dream in order to make it happen, as long as you are going in with a heart full of passion and trust. Worry has never been known to hold anything together, but trust… trust is a glue. Trust allows you to know that each brick you place will create your goal. You won’t always know in advance what the next brick will look like, but you can always trust that your heart will know which brick you need and the universe will help you place and hold it. Just trust in yourself and in the magic all around you. Follow your passion, which is the energy source that allows you to build this house, and place one more brick.

Today, I want to give you a mission: place one more brick to the building of your dream.

This doesn’t need to be complicated or overthought – just follow your gut feeling and go for it. You want to learn a new skill? Watch a Youtube video. You want to paint something? Take out the paint and do it. You simply want to set a goal of placing bricks, create a vision board of what you want your dream to look like and this will be today’s brick. A brick is simply a step forward in the direction of your goal or dreams. Trust that the universe will help guide you.

As a manifestor, I’ve learned that we CAN create anything we want in this life but we must do the “work”. We must create the action that the universe will then fuel with magic. We must take a step forward. Think of a runner wanting to finish a marathon? They take one step, then another, then another and eventually, they reach the finish line. Right? This is the same principle. You add one brick, then one more, and eventually, you will see your dream unfold before you.

I’ve love to know more about the brick that you choose to add to your dream today.

Tell me more in the comments before.

Mine, today, was creating a business vision board for my creative business and writing this post, inspired by a friend. That’s two bricks so far today – clearly, it’s my day off! haha! Some days, I work at my day job all day and finding the time or energy to add another brick can feel hard, but I just remember that every brick brings me closer to my goal. Even if my brick that say is only a little journaling, or doing a social media post or two, I encourage myself to take the step and do it. Adding another brick can often take less time than the time most of us spend scrolling through Facebook or watching a TV show that doesn’t really help us build our dreams. Take the time for YOU, for your brick.

You got this!! Love you all.


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