Finding my inner-happy

Am I doing it right?

We are all human, and we all have moments of self-doubt, where we wonder “Am I doing this right?”. I’ll be honest, I just had one of those moments with this blog.
It’s always the same pattern: I do something. Then, I’m super proud: YES, I did it. Then I think about it, and think more, and wonder what others will think, and compare myself to others…etc…etc…
Then I fall into a deep pit of questioning that always ends with: Am I doing this right?
Folks, why do we do that? I know it’s happened to most of us.
I know why. We live in a world where we all compare the highlights of our lives on social media and spend more time in the day reading about other people’s lives than living our own.
No wonder my brain wants to compare itself to other brains, other blogs, other work.
But who says others are doing it right? And who determines what “right” is? This, in my case, applies to my blog in this moment, but it can be applied to anything we do during the day.
So I shall take this opportunity to capture my thought, acknowledge it, and release it. I don’t want to doubt myself – I’m doing it right FOR ME and for you, my readers. It’s that simple.
We all get caught up in the moments of self-doubt.
It’s what you do about it that’ll change how the story will unfold. So be kind to yourself, and remember, this is YOUR story. No one else writes the script, so make it what works for YOU.
Remember; behind the fuzzy clouds, there’s always clear skies.


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