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Art In Your Face

I can NOT believe that I have my own art show. I have created and organized 3 of them so far. Tomorrow is the 3rd one. I’ve been crazy, manic busy hahaha, but now the excitement is finally here. I “think” the rain will stop and let us enjoy a day of art outside. I’m really excited. 30 people trust me to help them show their art to the world ( or at least the city ). It’s pretty amazing. I am very grateful. Follow me on Facebook if you’d like to see some pictures of the event. ( My new Facebook page is coming soon too )

Good night, folks. Tomorrow is the start of pushing my business to a new level. Let’s make more art, more words and more waves. Love you all.

Marion, organiser of the Art In Your Face event.
( wow, I’m truly touched to have this chance… the title STILL feels weird)

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