Finding my inner-happy

Breathing Is Enough

I look at the sky
The air in my face
I never imagined
I’d be in this place.

The health and the joy
Castle by the sea
Such a long way since
Illness had caught me.

Always in a rush
I didn’t often stop
Now I recognize
Breathing is enough.

This life is short, folks
The blink of an eye
Do catch the happy train
As it passes by.

Happy is a choice
Not something you find
It’s in your person
It’s something inside.

Me, I still get anxious
And I am not perfect
But what I have learned
Stands out from the rest.

You can…

Go out and get it
What makes you happy
Forget all the can’ts
Or “that’s not for me”.

Your future is now
Be all you can be
There’s one life to live
Why not be happy.

This might sound cliché
Like a story book
Believing in myself
Is all that it took.

So, if you don’t know
Just where you might start
Ask your inner child
They speak from the heart.

You, too, were a dreamer
Before worries and bills
Those are all passing
Glimpses, if you will.

You dreams, too, can grow
And shape your future
You choose your next move
That’s the adventure.

Go out and do it
What makes you happy
Nothing can stop you
No bills, nor worries.

Don’t get overwhelmed,
It will be okay.
Know that you’ve got this,
Get out of your way.

Create your happy
You just need to start
And always remember
Breathing is enough.


Marion Deschênes, January 2020

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