Finding my inner-happy


I’ve often wondered how/why some of my friends still love me.
While I AM pretty awesome, hahah, I do come with a load of baggage that can sometimes be overwhelming, along with a cry-faucet that sometimes doesn’t know how to control itself.
Here’s the thing though – I’ve been reading about judgement lately, and I now realize that the above is just me judging me. My friends, my true, caring friends, actually do not judge me as such.
They love me for me, exactly how I am. They have my back, day or night.
I have lost a lot of friends over the years, but I feel like I kept the best ones. The true ones.
The friends that define what friendship is really all about. Some I’ve known for only a short while, some I see all the times, and some I’ve known for 20 years and haven’t seen since, yet remain in touch and remain very close. Today, I want to share that I am grateful for the true friendships in my life!!!!
I had two completely separate conversations today, with two of my closest and more cherished friends, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude towards them, and how they help guide me to see the real me. The me that they see, even when I have trouble seeing it. I am overwhelmingly grateful.
So I wrote this.
When someone sees you,
Accepts you and loves you.
The good, the bad and the ugly
Of your truest honest you.
They help you see you
The way they see you.
The magic and the beauty
Of your truest honest you.
Friends, I love you.


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