Finding my inner-happy


Today, I wrote a letter to one of my favourite authors and sent it to her.

I have no idea if she’ll even receive the message, nor reply, but that isn’t what’s important. I felt it was important that I tell someone who’s words had a positive effect on me that I am grateful for that.

Gratitude and kindness, in this increasingly negative world, is key.

I was nervous, thinking: “Who do I think I am sending a message to a big published author like that?”

But who am I NOT to? We are all the same, we just play different roles, and none are better than the other. We cannot compare ourselves to others – we all bring our own special magic into the world.

We should never be nervous to say thanks to someone.

Today, I chose to value myself as an equal to someone who has already accomplished much of what I hope to do someday, someone I look up to, a mentor and inspiration, and simply say a loud THANKS!

Today, show gratitude or kindness to someone – a stranger, a friend, a family member or even that actor you like in a movie that changed your life. No one is better than anyone – we all share this adventure.

And I am grateful for sharing it with all of you.

Thank you.


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