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Little Joys, Happy Life

I’ve been absent for a beat, folks, and I apologize. We sold our house and moved, which took away from available post time but also means I now live in my dream house and creating my best life. Now that we’re settled in, it’s time to catch up with you all. Know that I didn’t forget about any of you – on the contrary, I’m in the process of re-branding this entire site. Therefore, you will see fun new posts and content, coming very very soon!!!! 🙂

Til then, I bring you this little post about the little joys in life.

Finally moving to the country, I realized just how many little joys are around me and I’ve beenactively taking the time to notice them and acknowledge them. I had been “busy” for so long, I no longer took the time to notice the deliciousness of a cup of coffee or the brightness of the night sky, or something as simple as finding a good movie on Netflix. These are the little joys for which I now actively express gratitude, as I always want my little joys to know that I appreciate them. I now choose to recognize them. I choose to be grateful for the little things, as gratitude is a natural healer of negativity and anxiety, and I’ve come to realize that.

Gratitude can heal the whole world, really 🙂

With this in mind, I launch this idea to you:

I invite you all to take pictures of the little joys in your life and post them on IG with the hashtag: #littlejoyshappylife.

Let’s take the time to capture the little things we are grateful for. Even if you take a picture of your pillow because you are grateful for sleep.

Take it, recognize it, share it.

There’s no harm in taking the time to be grateful. I know this will inspire me to continue my quest to find the beauty all around and I hope that I can inspire you to do the same. In this really negative world, we need to take the time to recognize the beauty. Gratitude can heal a lot more than people thing. Let’s join “hands” and just be grateful for the little joys and get a step closer to a happy life! : ) #littlejoyshappylife

Til then, I thank you all for reading.

I am grateful for YOU!

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