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Living in gratitude

I’m not even sure where to start this post…

It seems surreal that our everyday lives now look closer to a zombie movie than to humans just doing their thang! It’s odd, what’s happening, and serious too. It’s a lot of emotions, ups and downs and, most importantly, the changing of routines.

I’ve had to “check myself” through all of this, to make sure that I didn’t fall back into old habits of worry and fear through all of this, as my anxious brain often takes me to places out of my control, or at least did in the past.

Weirdly, I find myself calm about it all. Sure, I have worries like everyone else… I want to make sure that everyone in my family is safe yet I have absolutely no control over it, as this is something beyond our understanding or our control. We all have a million reasons to worry, but is that really what we should be focusing on???? Short answer: NOPE.

Sure. Be safe. Be careful. Respect the rules. And pardon my language, but stay the fuck home. Shop online. Call your family members. Make sure you check in on your elder neighbors and find ways to help and support all those you care about without being in the same room. Get creative. You can.

But most of all… and this is the most important… BE GRATEFUL.

Yes. There’s a lot of “suck” in this situation, but many of us are lucky for so many reasons and it’s important to acknowledge that. Simply having the internet to be able to write this blog post is something for which I am grateful. Having a good dinner today is another great reason to express joy and gratitude. I have hot water to take a shower – yep…GRATEFUL.

Those are just tiny examples, but even just being lucky enough to have food in my fridge at a time where many might not even have a fridge is something I have to acknowledge and really take the time to appreciate. This has always been important, but in these uncertain times, more than ever we have to count our blessings. A cozy pillow to sleep on is a blessing… but being lucky enough to wake up each day on that same pillow is too.

Let’s take a look at what’s happening…

Somewhere in the world right now, someone’s mom has passed and was stored in a refrigerated truck because the morgue ran out of room.

Somewhere in the world right now, there are hospitals that no longer have the materials to keep their patients alive or their staff safe.

Somewhere in the world right now, someone is insisting that they are “stronger than this virus” and shopping like it’s any ol’ Wednesday, while putting the lives of thousands at risk, for one bold attempt at normalcy.

Somewhere in the world right now, there are hungry kids as the only place they can get meals is at school, and they cannot go to school right now.

These are facts. These facts are scary.
But all is out of our control.
We cannot control the events, we can only control our actions and our reactions.

We should acknowledge these facts and recognize that this is not easy for anyone right now, and we all have a million of our own reasons to worry. But, to heal the world and get through this, why not spread more gratitude than worry? This is how we can save the world from our own couch. Keep yourself informed, it’s important, but keep yourself in check too. Daily.

Ask yourself… Am I spreading the virus? Or spreading the gratitude?
You can read that one literally and figuratively.
All we can do is do our best to survive this… if this was how it all ends, wouldn’t you want to focus on what brings you joy and gratitude?
I know that’s how I choose to live.
Gratitude brings me calm. 🙂

Yes. We all know. It sucks. A lot of this sucks.

But if you are lucky enough to experience this sucking while sitting home on the internet with a roof over your head and a loved one by your side, what will you be focused on? What you don’t have or what you DO have?

It won’t be easy, but it’s important.

I challenge you all to start each day finding three things for which you are grateful and saying it out loud or writing it in a journal… it can be big things or little things. Even if everything around you feels like it’s draining your flow, maybe you are grateful for a really good hot shower you had? Or that delicious cup of instant coffee that just spun the day around. Or maybe you got to call your mom and listen to her yammer on about her childhood, telling you stories you never knew about where you came from. Maybe your favorite T-shirt is clean and you get to wear it today. Just maybe.

Or maybe you read and article about the beaches in India where sea turtles are finally able to repopulate because the lack of humans on the beaches is restoring the natural environmental patterns that use to take place there before the pollution and the abundance of humans got in the way…

This may be a hard time for the humans, but environmentally, this might be what saves the planet and for THAT, I am so grateful I could cry. It’s so beautiful to see pictures of areas once destroyed by humans being completely reborn into more beauty, more animals, more nature. Wow.

All of this to say…

These are hard times and I hope that as many humans as possible get through this. I absolutely do. And as a human, I will do everything in my power to help avoid causing further harm in this… shopping wisely, respecting social guidelines and keeping myself as disinfected as possible.

But what I will also do is spread a message of gratitude.

If we are all lucky enough to be alive and bitch about it, we should be grateful for simply being alive. I once beat cancer, so I certainly don’t want this virus to take me out now … but on the off chance that it could, I choose to spend the rest of the ride being grateful for all that I DO have. :)!!!!!

Thank you for reading this. I am grateful for YOU.

Be well, be smart and stay safe. Stay home. Let’s get through this!

Much love,


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