Finding my inner-happy

More Passion Than Time

I’ll be honest, I struggle in this area.

I work 40-45 hours a week at my “day job” which isn’t (yet) the dream, so I create my dream on the side.

Add to that the regular activities of having a house, a country property and a family, there’s very little time to create my art, write my blog, and grow my business. This is sometimes frustrating and I can lose steam or motivation. I know many know exactly what I’m talking about… I’m not alone in this. It’s a balancing game to make the time to do it all, because that’s the secret: we have to MAKE the time. It’s a choice. Every 15 minutes we spend surfing the internet aimlessly, we could be spending somewhere else. I mean, I’m glad that surfing the internet brought you to read this today, but I hope it also helps you realize that if you MAKE and TAKE the time, you can create all of your dreams now.

I find this hard and often don’t make or take the time – I get distracted, I get lazy, I get into my own head. I often spend time just wishing I had more time, instead of using the time itself to get ahead. It all became very clear to me: I could sit around and just wish I had more time to create all that I have the urge to create, or I can just do it! I can make the time. I can create the reality that I want. Sometimes it’s incredibly hard to find the motivation, and sometimes, we get stuck in an endless loop of funny videos on Facebook. It happens. But I have come to realize, for myself, that I would rather take the time to “do” than spend anymore time “wishing” I was doing, or coming up with a hundred reasons why I’m not doing it.

Right now, I’m writing this blog post while a load of laundry is washing, the dishes are soaking and I’m starting a grocery list nearby, but I swore to myself that I would write a post today so I’m MAKING the time and TAKING it!!! I don’t always feel like it, much like any job, but do I ever feel amazing when I do. And proud of myself. Tomorrow, I’ll probably sweep the floor while a painting is drying after adding a layer of yellow, and updating a Facebook post. It’s all little bricks in the direction of my own dreams. What little brick can you add to your dream today? Just one at a time.
There’s so much joy, health, and comfort that comes from doing something for yourself of which you are proud.

You want to write a book? Write for 30 minutes a day.
Are you spending 30 minutes doing something else that doesn’t bring you as much joy?
Adjust and point your boat in a new direction.
Kick your own butt into gear!
Don’t worry about what you didn’t do so far, just think what you could do from now on!

At my job, I’m an employee. In my business, I’m the boss and the employee – I make the decisions, I take the actions and it’s also my job to kick my own butt in gear to make it all happen! And it CAN happen even if we take 15 minutes a day towards something we really want. You can only build a house one brick at a time, so everyday, there is always a way to make time to add at least one little brick. You want to do 15 minutes of yoga a day? Would that bring you joy? Then do it! The “it” of it all can be whatever brings you joy, whatever makes you feel passion. Do THAT. Little at a time.
Your dream might be a business, or more flexibility, or learning a new language or reading a book. Whatever it is, I encourage you to take the time to move towards it and believe in yourself that it CAN happen. I believe in you!!!

I write this to remind you that you are not alone. Most people struggle with this.
I write this to remind you to slow down. It’s okay to do something for you.
I write this to remind you to take a breath and be proud of yourself. You are awesome today.
And most of all, I write this to confirm that you WILL achieve it – whatever IT is!!!! 🙂

One step at a time, one brick at a time. Don’t rush yourself. Just find the time today to move towards your passion, your interests and what brings you joy. And tomorrow, take another step, place another brick! Rinse and repeat.

The importance is to MAKE and TAKE the time to add that brick.
Be grateful for each brick you add to your dream, goal or plan. Be proud of yourself.

Thank you for making time for me.

Much love,


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