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Social Media … do or don’t

As I sat down at my computer, on my day off from my “regular” job, I wonder how I truly feel about social media.

Facebook, instagram, twitter, etc…

Sometimes, I get annoyed at the pictures of dinners or the constant arguing over random topics, all for the purpose of being distracted from one’s own life. It’s the opposite of “being in the moment”. We are spending time being in other people’s moments instead. In that way, it’s nothing short of silly.

That said, as a business tool, it’s amazing.

You can reach out to so many people you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise, and that’s fantastic. I am working now on creating a fanbase for both my artwork and my writing, and social media – both instagram and facebook – has been a very important tool. That’s the good side of it.

So how do we balance both? I think it’s all perspective.

I resisted social media for a long time, focusing on the little things that annoyed me, while I failed to notice all the reasons why it’s a great tool for me and my business, so here I am, welcoming it with arms wide open.

If you’d like to reach me or support my creative endeavors, here’s the links:

Of course, which you visited today. which is my blogger’s Instagram. which is my artist profile, and which is my facebook page.

More will come over time I’m sure, but for now, here it is – it’s me in all my glory. I shall be proud of the things I do and share them with the world to see. This is were social media comes in handy and I’m glad I shifted my perspective.

In how many other ways is my perspective holding me back?
That’s an idea for a next post.

Much love

Marion Deschenes, aka, MarMar Oaks

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