Finding my inner-happy

This year…

I wasn’t sure if I would write anything about this year, and all that we have seen. It’s been an interesting experience for every single human, I’m sure. But I wanted to write a little something positive, while I passed by my laptop, simply because the world needs more positive words to be shared.

There is no denying that there is a lot of hate, a lot of negativity, a lot of understandable fear and a lot of unnecessary fear. It’s dark out there, in social media land, so I am taking a moment to take stock of my year so far, in the hopes to help inspire you to do the same. I just want to spread a little positive. My story is mine and yours is yours, and we have all had ups and downs this year, some more than others… but in all the stories, you can dig through the dirt and find the positive, like pulling veggies from the garden.

Here’s a challenge for you…

Make a list of the moments this year for which you are grateful. For just a moment, move aside in your mind the moments that brought you worry, sadness, fear and pain, and aim your focus to the moments where you laughed, when you were happy, when you spoke to an old friend, when you watched a funny show, tried a good burger or just went for a nice walk.

For just a moment, reflect… because this year has sucked in many ways, and no, there is no better term for it. On the other hand, in a lot of ways, there have been great things that happened. Our of the coal came diamonds.

Take nature, for example. All over the planet, nature is rebuilding itself after years of human destruction because for a brief moment, there was less pollution, less consumption, less people getting in the way of it’s growth and progress. There are countries where they have seen animals for the first time in years. Even locally, we live in the country and it’s been THE most beautiful year. (The heat was intense, but can we really complain?)

I love seeing nature restore itself and it will be one of my takeaways from this year. It’s helped me appreciate what we have, and I’m sure a healthier planet helped our garden flourish this year. It was our first year going big with our garden, and it blossomed beyond expectations. I developed a love for gardening this year. A true appreciation for the option to go stand barefoot in dirt, and be one with plants. Growing our own food, in a time where people just want to feel safe, is a great source of delicious comfort.

Another highlight for me this year was the ability to slow down. I’m a runner – I love lists, and errands and I’m always up to something. It’s good, in some ways, and terrible when it comes to my mental health. haha! I had to slow down because the world shut down and changed, but instead of allowing myself to worry about what I couldn’t do ( which would be my usual go-to ), I chose to embrace the newfound freedom to just RE-LAX. I still work full time ( I am very grateful ) so relaxing time is still not frequent but instead of running around to a million places I cannot go, now I take the time to be in the garden, and be one with a good book and to… just.. be.

This also allowed me to get deeper into a more consistent meditation practice. I have a brain that never stops so the idea of sitting down quietly is really not something I ever expected my brain to do, and I worked on it for yeeeears but never seriously, never consciously and on purpose. I took this time to focus and slow down and learn to know my own breath. When everything is going unpredictably, as it has, the one thing we can truly rely on it our breath. And at a time where something is threatening our ability to breath, such as an illness, we should appreciate the breath we have. I have fallen in love with just being quiet with myself for usually maybe 15-30 minutes a day, sometimes all at once, sometimes 5 minutes at a time. I know, it’s not for everyone… but it would help heal the world if it was.

What else…

(Are you thinking of your own highlights yet? Take a moment)

In 2020, I am grateful for…

I am grateful for the stars in the sky. Yep, that’s a highlight. Because when we think that the world is falling, it’s good to remember that we are such tiny pieces of such an amazingly vast universe and we get to exist. That, in itself, with all of its ups and downs, it’s a beautiful gift to be thankful for.

And that will be all for this post… because some highlights are just for me, as I try to balance my love of this blog and sharing my story with you, with my appreciation for keeping some joys for myself and my family. We live in a world where everything is on social media, so it’s always good to keep a few little joys for yourself. All that I know is that while I have had many reasons to break down this year, I feel I’m making the best of it and I really hope that you are too. Focus on what you can control and what brings you joy! That’s all we can all do. Breath. Relax. And trust that it will be okay.

Much love,


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