Finding my inner-happy

To blog or not to blog

I long thought of this, should I blog about all of this… or not?
Then, while sitting with a good friend and realizing that simply talking about my life experiences seems to inspire others, maybe I do have something to share.
Keep in mind, I’m not a shrink.
I’m simply a person who once considered myself “broken” who’s finally found ways to feel whole again, and I feel it’s important to share the discoveries of my research.
Like I tell my therapist: “I’m a scientist of the brain – I’m reprogramming myself!”
I do hope that some of my findings will resonate with at least one person. At least I’m able to share my view, and once again open a door of communication about mental illness and such topics as anxiety. There’s no shame – we’re not broken, just picked up anxious habits along the way… but we can heal this, we can reprogram ourselves.
Enjoy the read.
Comments welcome – just keep it positive folks. This is safe space!
Love and light,


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