Finding my inner-happy

Why do we get nervous?

I’m sitting here, reading over my blog posts so far, and thinking about the hundreds of other posts that are just bubbling in my brain, and I suddenly realized I haven’t shown this blog to anyone.
I mean, someone on the internet may have seen it, but myself, I haven’t shared it yet.
The whole point of starting this blog was to share it with others, in the hopes that it might entertain (and even help) at least one person. But here’s the hick-up: sharing it makes me nervous.
Yes, folks, I talk about conquering anxiety, but I’m still working on it… so here’s my truth: I’m nervous.
Why am I nervous? Fear.
It’s always fear. A good friend of mine taught me that in life, there are two feelings at the base of all the other feelings – fear and love. It can go one way, or the other way. It is actually THAT simple.
Today, I am experiencing fear.
The difference with past fears I’ve experienced is that I am being honest about it – completely honest, like “write it on the internet” type of honest. That’s big for me. Today, I am fearful. There.
The only way to conquer fears are to face them straight-on and believe in yourself. You can handle whatever will come next, and the universe will make the rest happen. You just have to trust.
* I * have to trust.
Today, on this lovely Monday morning, I sit there writing this and stewing in my nervousness… to the point where I’m not even sure if nervousness is actually a word. I’m just stewing, slow-cooked.
But I tell myself that the only way to build a new habit of confidence, and replace the old habit of fear, is simply to jump in, both feet, and see what happens. I have to approach this like the fearless teenager who decides to jump into the neighbor’s pool for fun, not worried about the outcome. I have to approach this as the moment where my truth became a public forum, a place where I can help.
While the original goal of this blog was to help others, the magic within it is that it’s really helping me.
Helping others is what I also hope it will do.
So today, I hope to inspire you by facing my fear…
… Today, I make this blog public and share it.
Thanks for reading.
And remember; beyond the fuzzy clouds, there are always clear skies.
MarMar Oaks

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